Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Closing Event: Whale Watch

Saturday, November 6, 6-9pm

In the Adobe Books Parlor, the installation Whale Watch refers to the human inclination towards whale watching, and watching in general, which often elicits patience, reverence, and a sharp attentiveness, in order to allow for discovery. Within this clear objective, however, is the act of open-ended observation. As a visual and participatory project, Whale Watch is meant to echo the act of searching and orienting present in the process of Understanding A Whale Fall by concentrating on the act of observing, through both representations and visitor contributions in logbooks in the store. By bringing a focus onto the surrounding neighborhood and store visitors, Whale Watch weaves aspects of the current environment and local history with the broader investigations conveyed in the backroom.

For the closing of the exhibition, you’re invited to actively watch in the surrounding neighborhood of Adobe Books. Carrie Hott will lead participants on a short walk through the Mission along a route of historical landmarks and sites of interest. Participants are invited to fill in the gaps with their own knowledge, stories, and histories to the walk as it goes, alternating their experience as guide and observer.

Following the walk will be a reading about whales and whaling at Adobe Books. In addition to original pieces read by Carrie Hott, Kevin P. Clarke, and Christine Choi, Invisible City Audio Tour authors from their upcoming tour, The Armada of Golden Dreams, will preview their pieces. Armada readers will include Amanda Davidson, Jennifer Hasegawa, Jason Bucholz, and Dave Seter. Logbook contributors are invited to read their pieces as well.