Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Opening this Saturday in the Backroom!

Light Like a Feather, Not Like A Bird
Adobe Books Backroom Gallery
May 19 – June 17, 2012

Opening reception May 19, 7-10pm

Featured artists: Christine Peterson, Erik Grow, Scott Polach, Adam Katseff and Scott Alario

When fixated on the swells of the oceanic horizon, what can you determine? In capturing an image, there would be no landmarks to mark a location, only upon looking back onto the land would you be able to discern where you are in the world. The sky is often sited by those experiencing homesickness, knowing that the sun, or stars cast the same shadow across the country, often bringing a sense of comfort to parted family, friends, or lovers.

These images offer a disembodied experience of the landscape; one where the viewer understands what he is looking at, and perhaps even in what part of the world the images are situated, but cannot necessarily determine a specific location. In a time when we have all of the technology in the world to locate ourselves, the landscape remains resilient, the ocean is still the ocean and the sun the sun. We turn to the Internet to see where our friends have traveled to see if we have been there before, or if we recognize that particular look- out point.

Light Like a Feather, Not Like a Bird aims to present the view of the land looking out and up with few markers to determine locale.

8pm: Syncopated light and sound performance by Adam Brochstein

Guest curated by Amanda “Roscoe” Mayo.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012



Thanks to everyone who came in to visit Grant Lavalley and Dan Olsen's spiritually and sensorially delightful installation in the Backroom Gallery. 

Check out photos of the exhibition and the Friday the 13th Undergrowth and Hobo Seance performances on our Flickr page!

Grant's video for the song "tales of thee ineffable" that was a part of the installation is now available for viewing on YouTube. Watch it here