Thursday, November 8, 2012

RIP Gilles Deleuze

September 2012

"Last Renaissance-X"

It is an experience similar to a leap, a leap breaking out of a window and jumping into infinity. A wake up call and walking out of your room and out of your house door.

"I see the plane, and I see the plane crash into the building. I see the building burn, and I see the building fall down. I see imagery that until now did not exist in reality, only in the fiction of film. Seeing it with your own eyes, in real time--not on the screen, not projected by the frame of a television set, not in the communal darkness of a movie theater--seeing it like this is irreconcilable, like a hallucination, a psychotic break." - A.M Homes - The New York Times 9/11. "The Virtual Window" - Anne Friedburg

---In this room five minds have melted into one cohesive 21st century "hyper human" frozen in real time with real objects. Everything you are seeing here is off-line.

---In this personal lullaby the screen (window) famously connected to modern technology has dissolved and new unknown circuitry is invented; new possibilities, pleasures, and risks areformed and leap into a whole new beyond. Images and information are directly "up-loaded" bypassing --"invisible"-- and straight to your brain.

---In this 21st century the screen(window) has left the cinema, television, and computer. They have all melted together and lost their true identity and source. Windows have become mobile and the audience has become the "player" and the "user". Similar to chemically based photography losing its origin to digital images to the cinema losing its origin to the smart phone. In this microcosm exhibition the five minds display painting, photography, video, and installation as an "out-of-field"/ "radical elsewhere" inviting the audience into a cohesive collaboration bedroom to witness a "hyper-human" in seclusion dwelling into the depths of technophilia.

The event is November and the year is 1995 - Philosopher Gilles Deleuze (most famous for his main influence in philosophy, literature, film, and art) is in his french apartment-- he opens the window and throws himself to his death.

R.I.P Gulles Deleuze January 18, 1925 - November 4, 1995.

We invite you to come in - The door is always open.

Malcolm Kenter

George Lochman
Ian Maberley
Greg Shimada
Rafael Delacruz