Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dear Friends of Adobe Books,

On behalf of Andrew McKinley, the staff of Adobe Books and myself, thank you for supporting Adobe Books' 20th Anniversary Auction. Everyone's participation was fundamentally an investment in Adobe Books for the future and we sincerely appreciate the help to guarantee the continuation of the store's role in the community. The event was a success and would not have been possible without all of the artists, install crew, auctioneers, volunteers and friends of the store.

With some of the funds raised we hope to clean up the store, make some repairs to the shop and gallery, and strengthen our ability to support artists, musicians and writers. In fact, we hope to incorporate more artist projects in the store such as limited edition bookmarks and making a shelf dedicated to books chosen by local artists and friends of the store.

Special thanks to Tartine, BiRite Grocery, Dori Latman, Four Barrel, Le Banh Mi and the lovely staff at SoEx. Thank you to Brianna and the very special volunteers who helped make the night a success!

Devon Bella, Curator
Adobe Books Backroom Gallery