Wednesday, January 17, 2007


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New work by Kira Inglis

Curated by The Folks

Opening reception Friday, February 9th 7-10pm
Exhibition dates February 9th through March 11th 2007

Adobe Books Backrooom Gallery
3166 16th Street. San Francisco, CA. 94103


Kira Inglis invents a new social landscape, inspired
by the banal aesthetic of Walgreens drugstore ceilings
and the related abstract mayhem of security mirror
reflections. Kira paints quasi-still-life paintings
of models built within her workspace. The models
themselves are theatrical and exaggerated facades,
harking back to urban planning and architecture, and
momentarily stabilizing various discarded, everyday
packaging materials, media detritus, and other
conduits from the urban environment. The paintings
attend to these models in the tradition that resists
popular categories but simultaneously engage
representational details with emotion and drama of

The paintings, whether emanating from models,
preceding them in a catalytic manner, or being
realized as part of the model building process, reveal
the conceptual underpinnings of the practice. In
spirited game of balance and flux, the paintings chart
absorption in transformative processes, and rouse pure
potential from chaos. As a whole, the models and
paintings create a map of lines that are
interconnected and reliant upon one another,
reflecting the social networks of modern life, and
ultimately weaving together a fantasy of activism
where exaggerations draw attention and precariousness